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Database Software Developers
Since 2001!

Binary Brilliant Inc is a private database software development company.

Established in 2001, Binary Brilliant is dedicated to providing easy-to-use database solutions to individuals, small and medium businesses.

Our Active Products

All-in-one online database application constructor.
since 2013

Brilliant Database
Create any desktop database solution fast and easy!
since 2001

MessLess Software
MessLess offer fully customizable end-user data management applications.
since 2003

Casting Craft
Automate your casting business!
since 2016

Database Software
Development Service

Binay Brilliant provides the complete range of services on creating end-user applications with your logo on the basis of Brilliant Database/WideDB, as well as on distributing them.

If the field you work in does not provide a ready-made quality database solution, we can help create it and provide the tools for promoting it.

The application you create can be made according to your corporate identity and with your logo.

You can buy out the application and draw sale interest, which requires minimum initial investment.

Our Clients

More than 100 000 users worldwide uses Binary Brilliant Inc products and the number is growing.
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