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1 Jule, 2015
New "Brilliant Database Online" cloud service will be presented on Jule 9.

29 June, 2015
Brilliant Database Support system is fixed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Early Company History

Established in 2001, Binary Brilliant is dedicated to providing easy-to-use database solutions to individuals, small and medium businesses.

In August 2002 the company first released its main product Brilliant Database. Although at that time the application yielded to the existing applications of this type, it was nevertheless based on the main principle that still remains valid: in order to create a database you don't need to use any special tools, any special knowledge, or any special computers.

In December 2002, Binary Brilliant introduced MessLess Software, a subdivision specialized in developing end-user database applications with a fully redesignable interface. At present the most successful product of MessLess Software is MessLess Inventory.

During 2003 the company was involved in continuous improvement of its products, always keeping the users requests as the guide to action.

In June 2004 the SDK version of Brilliant Database was released. The release allows small companies and self-employers create their own applications on the basis of ready-made database templates. 

Now, Binary Brilliant continues to work on improving its main products, providing technical support to customers that have entrusted their data to Brilliant and developing new trends in the area of creating end-user database applications.


If you have any technical questions related questions on our products, please use the special support pages on the products sites:
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