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Binay Brilliant Inc provides the complete range of services on creating end-user applications with your logo on the basis of Brilliant Database, as well as on distributing them.

If the field you work in does not provide a ready-made quality database solution, we can help create it and provide the tools for promoting it.

The application you create can be made according to your corporate identity and with your logo.

You can buy out the application and draw sale interest, which requires minimum initial investment.

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Recent Project Completed - DaiSet

Daiset is designed for gymnastics competitions judgement.

With the help of the complex, judging of the competitions with the synchronized protocol metric and "clockwork" is carried out. Do not miss a minute!

During each day of the competition information is accumulated and used until the end of the competition. The algorithm of work is simple: in a complex load the data about all judges and participants of competitions. According to preliminary information, groups of gymnasts are selected for projectiles for each day of the competition, including for all finals, as well as protocols for publication on the site.

"DAYSET" forms the starting protocol at the beginning of each competitive day and then sums up the results. The chief secretary processes information that is stored at the end of the day on the server. For the convenience of the live broadcasters, the "DAISET" complex provides an information channel with fresh data on the performing athlete (declared complexity of the exercise, assessment and deduction of teams D and E), so that the speaker can easily conduct a dynamic broadcast.

The complex is created on the basis of high technologies. Imagine: all the judges around the shells with a slight movement of the hand just touch the panel. All equipment works on the touchscreen system, there are no keyboards. Touchscreen, as you know, does not need additional characteristics: touch screens have a high level of security, perfectly convey the brightness and richness of the picture. The withdrawal time of the assessment is reduced, the overall result and overall statistics appear rapidly and are stored throughout the start.

The complex is ready for instant information output on the scoreboard in the halls, in video cameras, on the Internet for broadcasts of competitions in the online mode.

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