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1 Jule, 2015
New "Brilliant Database Online" cloud service will be presented on Jule 9.

29 June, 2015
Brilliant Database Support system is fixed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


Brilliant Database is the all-in-one solution that allows you to easily create databases and work with them. A created database can be compiled into an .exe application, or it can be accessed via the network.

A specific feature of this product is the ability to create databases without any special expertise. Forms, reports, formulas, links and even scripts are created by means of visual editors and wizards.

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Messless Inventory and Messless Collector got their names for the ability to completely redesign the application interface and create your own forms, reports, queries and even hot-keys.

The up-to-date market of inventory end-user applications offers very few applications that can boast of such tunability that makes MessLess irreplaceable when working with nonstandard tasks.

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If you have an idea of any type of database that can help people in any area of activity, please write to us, and perhaps this can be the beginning of effective cooperation and the birth of a new product.

If you have any technical questions related questions on our products, please use the special support pages on the products sites:
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