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Oct, 02
Brilliant Database v11 RC1 Pro, Server, WP and Ultimate is ready for downloading!
Sep, 12
The First Public Release, Major Update for Professional Developers
Sep, 10
CastingCraft v2.0: Automated video/images convertions, several casting flows and more
Jun, 12
Misc improvements, Anonymous and API accesses are added, Visual Scripts, Recycle Bin
May, 20
CastingCraft v1.3 update
Apr, 15
Freeform Editor, Media , Mobile Apps.
Feb, 25
Run VScripts on Server Side
Feb, 20
CastingCraft v1.1 update
Feb, 03
Visual Script Designer Major Update


Dec, 12
Visual Scripts huge update (For...Each is added, File/Image type, and more)
Nov, 05
v0.995 Release, HTML Reports public editing is added
Oct, 10
CastingCraft Beta is ready for testing
Aug, 15
v0.992 Release, UI massive improvement, all menus are standardized.
May, 23
v0.991 Release, Application with multi-database and variable properties are supported now.
May, 03
v0.99 Update, Table-view floating records operations panel is added.
Apr, 30
Brilliant Database Server v11 Beta is ready for downloading and testing!
Apr, 15
v0.985 Update, Relational fields improved, massive records operations are added, many UX improvements.
Jan, 20
v0.983 Update, Files to zip export is added, records multi-selection with Shift, Ctrl keys are supported now.


Nov, 15
0.981 Update, Visual Script Designer improved. Variable types check, smart drag-and-drop, new functions.
Sep, 10
v0.98 Release, Visual Script Designer is added. Write powerful logic using drag-and-drop.
May, 19
v0.977 Update, TextOut Report Editor is added to generate csv, send e-mails and sms.
May, 07
v0.976 Update, HTML/PDF Report Designer major update.
Mar, 21
v0.975 Minor update, HTML Reports are added.
Mar, 10
v0.974 Release, PDF generation, tooltips and internal quick study are added.
Jan, 17
v0.972 Minor update, CSS/JS files include are added.


Nov, 15
v0.97 Minor Update, Direct online XML parsing and import are added.
Oct, 17
v0.962 Minor Update, Dots chart is added. Chart axis configuration and multi-charting are added.
Oct, 05
v0.96 Minor Update, Calendar and filter blocks are added.
Sep, 14
v0.95 Minor Update, CSV/XLS Export is added. Data formatting is added for table view. Max number of field is increased to 61.
Jun, 21
v0.923 Minor Update, Pie chart is added. Charts coloring is added.
Jun, 17
v0.92 Minor Update, Charts block is added. "Find line" results page is updated.
May, 10
v0.9 Minor Update, Map field is added. User Groups are added. Design panel is introduced in full-view version.
Feb, 14
v0.83 Minor Update, Image, Attachments fields are added.
Jan, 14
Minor update is ready for download.


Dec, 31
v0.8 Released, First official release for close beta-testing.
Dec, 19
We are proud to announce our new Brilliant Database v10.5! 40 new features are added. And this is the greatest Ultimate Edition update since v7.
Dec, 13
MessLess Software v10 Release!
Aug, 28
New v10.31 has been released. Full Windows 8 support. All known bugs are fixed.
May, 09
v10.06 Minor update. Compilation, Optimization, Image import and Print bugs are fixed.
Apr, 10
Brilliant Database v10 Server, Professional, Workplace and Ultimate (SDK) editions are now available for download.


Dec, 23
Brilliant Database v10 Server RC1 is ready for downloading and testing!


Dec, 21
We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011! 25% Christmas discount for all our products. Coupon key: ny2011.
Dec, 17
Brilliant Database v9.42 minor update.
Oct, 08
Brilliant Database v9.4 Released. Many new handy improvements.
Jul, 14
Brilliant Database v9.1 minor update. About 10 small bugs are fixed in the new version.
Jun, 21
Brilliant Database Ultimate Now Discounted to $1,299
May, 12
Tutorial databases are updated. 81 databases available for downloading and reviewing now.
Apr, 29
Brilliant Database V9 Released. More than 50 new features, including: edit and filter data in grids, work with external SQL databases, use regular expressions and more...
Apr, 26
Brilliant Database V9 Release Candidate 2 (#5461) is published.
Apr, 21
The new printable user guide in PDF format is available for downloading.
Apr, 16
Brilliant Database V9 Release Candidate 1 is available for downloading and testing. More than 50 new features are added! Official release date: 29 April 2010.
Feb, 08
New Video Tutorials section is added to our site. We will post all new study videos on the page.
Feb, 05
Brilliant Database Server v9 Beta 1. Edit records in grid, use regular expressions, run VBScripts and much more...


Dec, 07
MessLess v8 Release. This is the most significant release since version 5. More than 50 new features are added.
Oct, 27
Brilliant Database v8.4 Minor Update
Sep, 24
Brilliant Database v8.3 Released. New features and several fixes.
Aug, 21
Brilliant Database v8.2 - minor update.
Jun, 24
Brilliant Database SDK v8 is Available. More than 60 new features. Now you can include your own files, configure the setup wizard, use new calendar and chart components and much more...
Jun, 01
Brilliant Database v8 SDK RC1 is available for downloading and testing.
Apr, 29
V8 Released. This is the most significant release since version 5. More than 50 new features are added.
Apr, 23
RSS 2.0 Feed is added for Brilliant Database News.
Apr, 20
New video tutorials are added. These 10 tutorials show basic aspects of creating databases using Brilliant Database.
Feb, 03
Brilliant Database v8 Server Beta is available for testing. This is the most significant update since version 5.0.


Jul, 02
A new version of Brilliant Database offers you a variety of features that will make your work with the program more convenient and provide you with a set of useful options covering most specific cases you may come across in the process of work.
May, 20
Our web site is updated. Tutorials Databases, FAQ and Examples sections are added and extended.


Dec, 05
MessLess v7 Release: New interface and support of Windows XP/Vista styles; New database engine. Now you can add/remove file attachments, change images and perform any operations available at the local machine from the remote computer; New system of differentiating access to the database and more.
Nov, 30
Brilliant Database v7.0. The most powerfull version of Brilliant. Users and groups access management system, new fast engine, full Vista support and more...
Nov, 19
MessLess Invenotry/Collector v7.0 RC1 released. Complete support of Windows Vista, New database engine and access rights
Jul, 02
Brilliant Database Pro/SDK/WP v5.1 Released. Cycles, HTML Frames, Script Designer and more...
Jan, 20
MessLess Invenotry/Collector v5.0 released. Timers introduced, Table Styles Improved, peed and network stability improved, Many other small improvements and fixes.
Jan, 20
New Brilliant Database Pro v5.1B. New Spell Checker, Import from web and other features!


Oct, 28
New release of Brilliant Software (v5.0). Almost all parts of the software are improved.
Oct, 13
Brilliant Databases v5.0 Pro RC1. The newest version of Brilliant Database is available for downloading and testing.
Mar, 08
MessLess Invenotry/Collector v4.6 released. Improved Report Style Editor - print in columns now supported, Advanced script designer allows you to automate routine operations, Many other small improvements and fixes.
Jan, 24
Brilliant Databases v4.6 released. New most functional version is released. Working with the v4.6 is much easier than ever.


Sep, 16
Brilliant Databases v4.6 Release Candidate 1.
Jun, 08
Brilliant Databases v4.6 Beta. New beta version (#4605B) is available for testing.
Mar, 21
Brilliant Databases v4.5 minor update. This update of Brilliant Database (build number #4526) fixes several minor bugs including: sort order in many-to-many field, real-time mathematical fields recalculation.
Feb, 16
MessLess Invenotry/Collector v4.5 released. Script Designer, Sorting by several fields, Inproved network, Several new actions are added.
Feb, 14
Brilliant Databases v4.5 released. The new version of Brilliant Database is marked by increased reliability, the ability to create scripts, program the behavior of elements, scripts templates support and much more...


Nov, 21
MessLess Invenotry/Collector v4.2 released: Table Styles, Network improved, Text parsing is added.
Nov, 21
Brilliant Databases v4.2 released. What"s new: Custom Import (Allows you to parse data from any text sources), Table Styles (allows you to configure data reprsentation in tables) and many minor improvements.
Aug, 23
Brilliant Databases v4.0 released. What"s new: Charts, Custom Export (now you can export data to e-mail, MS Word, etc.) and many other improvements.
Jun, 27
New Brilliant Database SDK and WP. Now you can compile your database into an executable application and distribute it.In Pro edition a new many-to-many relational field is added.
Mar, 15
MessLess Invenotry/Collector v3.6 released: We have included form editor in our software, Improved Report Style Editor, HTML/Txt output is added.
Mar, 12
What`s new: Format options, improved image field, improved HTML Output, improved Network and more.
Feb, 11
Brilliant Database v3.5 Pro released. What"s new: We have added several new elements, updated the report style editor, introduced HTML output, network and more.


Dec, 02
Brilliant Database v3.1 Pro and Classic released. What`s New: format is added, History-Back, History-Forward actions added, JPG convertor, new examples, other minor changes.
Dec, 01
New web-site design. Brilliant Database Official Web-site has changed its design. Now it"s much easier to find necessary information about the software.
Nov, 25
Knowledge Base is added. We started collecting database examples, tutorials and articles that can help you to study Brilliant.
Nov, 01
Brilliant Database v3.0 Pro released. What"s new: Report Style Editor - allows creating any forms of visual representation when making a printout, Formulas support, Toolbar Editor.
Oct, 31
MessLess Inventory Professional v3.0 Released. New Report Style Editor and Formula Editor.
Apr, 29
Brilliant Database v2.0 released. New Brilliant Database Engine allows you to work with up to 4GB databases and store file attachments within the database file.
Apr, 08
MessLess Inventory v1.0 and MessLess SoftDB v1.0 Released.
Mar, 10
2 new language packs for Brilliant v1.21: Dutch and Galego.
Feb, 15
New HTML Help allows you to find necessary information in help system much easier.
Jan, 15
Brilliant Database v1.2 and 2Db Viewer v1.2. New print options.
Jan, 06
2 new language packs for Brilliant v1.18: Italian and Portuguese.


Dec, 31
Brilliant Database v2.0 BETA. Up to 4GB databases support, formulas, opearations with images and many new improvements.
Dec, 12
Brilliant Database v1.18 is released. What is new: Now you can configure export to MS Access; some changes in design for Microsoft Windows XP.
Oct, 31
Brilliant Database v 1.15 is released. New folder info design, optimized input dialogs, improved toolbar, new language - Turkish.
Sep, 30
Brilliant Database v1.1 is released. What is new: French language; Mark/Unmark feature; Accurate scrolling in print preview.
Sep, 27
2Db Viewer is released. 2Db Viewer (a free program to view 2db files) is enable for downloading.
Sep, 15
Brilliant Database v1.0 released - first tree-like database that has an internal visual form editor - it enables you to create the database the way you want it.


Dec, 15
Prototype of Brilliant Database (ADB) is released. Only the Form Editor and tree-like structure is supported. Maximum database size is limited by 32000 records.
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